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To reinforce Fullhosue World be a familiar brand, we are expanding store chain over in Hong Kong, Mainland and Malaysia and we also hope that the store will be gradually expanded through the cooperation of franchise. We are convinced that theme restaurant with a product selling model will become a new trend in the coming future. Fullhouse Kitchen can provide a good business opportunities, through systematic training and interships to achieve win- win result. We welcome you to join our Fullhouse World Family. We are willing to share our profit with franchisees to setting up joint stock companies with limited by shares, We sincerely invite you to be one of us.

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Vivid brand character:

We use a house as the core signage of the “Fullhouse World” brand, with four distinguished theme characters as the brand’s signature. The trademark and the theme characters have been registered in Malaysia and China (including Hong Kong). Our brand is unique, appropriate and easy to remember.

Products advantage:

Our food is made of quality ingredients and prepared on demand, thus giving our customers the freshest and top quality dishes. We are also creating a range of home products with a theme of environmental protection by making and distributing plastic household products and unique highly quality products, thus matching the high- to medium- marking positioning of the “Fullhouse World” brand.

Value-added services:

We are the only international franchised restaurant chain that offers value-added services to franchisees in addition to the specialty food and products mentioned above. We have a theme park, themed hotel, variety show facilities, tourism and wedding services. Franchisees will get a big gift package from our Headquarters containing admission tickets to the LongFeng Villa Video Resort, “Fullhouse World” specially selected gifts, as well as “Fullhouse World” themed hotel accommodation packages.

Professional management team:

Our team comprise experienced managers with practical experience in franchise operations from Hong Kong, Malaysia and China. They are willing to share all resources and advanced management concepts with our Franchisees, giving them all round guidance and support.

Standardized process and centralized quality control:

Because of our use of the “central kitchen” concept, the standardized product system ensures that the same dishes or desserts will always have the same amount of ingredients and taste exactly the same. The food and semi-finished products that we supply to franchised outlets are all provided by the central kitchen through centralized merchandising, centralized production and centralized supplies. The kitchen at the franchised outlet only handles simple processing to ensure quality and eliminate any technical problems.

Highly efficient logistics:

By relying on the strong logistics management system and platform of our business partners, we can ensure a smooth supply for our Franchisees and rationally management their resources such as transport capacity, warehouse and manpower. We can effectively monitor and feedback on the order flow of our Franchisees, thus supplying them with necessary products in a timely manner.

Central computerized management:

We have spent millions of dollars on an advanced SAP computer system to provide the foundation and support for the digitalized, computerized and scientific management of our Franchisees’ operations. We can effectively collate and manage product requirement information of our Franchisees, providing them with statistics and analytical graphs that help their decision-making.

Centralized advertising and promotion:

We centralized all brand management of our franchised chain, with the Headquarters being responsible for all advertising and promotional activities relating to the brand and image. Depending on the local conditions, we make use of multiple media including the television, newspaper and internet to promote all products and services under the “Fullhouse World” brand, offering strong advertising and promotion support to our Franchisees.

Support from listed company:

With a solid foundation in human capital, our Group manages “Fullhouse World” as a brand for the young and the family by providing high quality Western meals and delis around the themed of “home”. This is supported by a resort and themed hotel, specialty products with an element of environmental protection, wedding packages and tourism services.

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